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The Pets I Love ARE AMAZING! I have been in Orange County for 26 years…I have been searching for a trustworthy loving vet all that time finally found where my family belongs, 2 dogs 4 cats and a lot of love!
Bea M.

There is no good time, easy time or ok time to loss a pet. On May 21, 2017 I lost my best friend. My little Godiva was only 6 years old but in those short 6 years she touched our lives so much! Godiva brought us so much joy and happiness that only an animal mom or dad can understand. We’ve been taking Godiva & Apollo to The Pets I Love Veterinary Hospital since they opened. I can’t put into words the kind of love Dr. Szpicek and Dr. Smatt show every single furry friend that comes through their doors. I’ve never felt like either of my babies were patients with these two. They’ve treated Godiva and Apollo like their own. One May 18, 2017 there was no difference. I frantically called The Pets I Love at 10:30pm and left a hysterical message. I don’t know how Dr. Szpicek even understood it but she called me back within a matter of seconds. She rushed out of her house and away from her family at this late hour to help my fur child. After seeing Godiva and diagnosing her she needed some help. She called her husband (and fellow doctor) Dr. Smatt who also immediately came rushing over. I don’t know what time either of them left that night but when we left at almost midnight they were both still there. The next day mommy and I visited Godiva and spoke to Dr. Szpicek. Godiva was diagnosed with renal failure and it wasn’t looking good. We were heartbroken but held out hope the my feisty little diva would defy the odds and recover. She was a fighter and if anyone could do it she could. I said prayer after prayer but in the end it didn’t help. On May 21st at 6:30am (on a day that The Pets I Love is closed) Dr. Szpicek called me to tell me Godiva had taken a turn for the worse. Mommy and I went rushing to her side still holding hope that a miracle would happen. I got to hold my baby, hug her and kiss her and tell her how much I loved her. Dr. Szpicek held our hands (metaphorically) and gave us the options. She cried with us feeling our pain because like I said she’s not just a doctor. She treats her patients like her own fur kids. She suggested we bring Godiva home and offered to come by later on. Godiva held on while we drove home and we were able to bring her to my room (her favorite place) where I held her to my heart, mommy and I kissed her and she took her last breath. She died in my arms knowing how loved she was. Dr. Szpicek once again came rushing to our side. She took my precious angel to get her cremated so I could always have my best friend by my side. Though the end result was not at all what I ever wanted I couldn’t ask for more from Dr. Szpicek, Dr. Smatt and the rest of The Pets I Love family. Thank you all for showing Godiva such love.
Tristen S.

You could not ask for a better care from your Vet. Dr Smatt was kind caring and compassionate as well as the staff. Dr Deb treated our dog as family. It made a very difficult time easier for us. They are like family and they treat our babies like family too. I recommend them highly ❤️❤️❤️
Robin M.

I have been using Pets I Love since they opened and am very grateful for them. They are a wonderful combination of compassion and expertise.
Bonnie S.

I called at 9:30am today frantic about one of our rescue kittens and they offered to squeeze us in at 3:30pm! Totally new to the practice, went in, filled out paperwork, was in the room with the Doctor within 10 min… checked out our little guy took him for an X-ray and in house ultrasound( rescue discount), thorough exam… very impressive! Dr. Smatt was very attentive and caring… Thank you so much! Lenny says thanks too!
Colleen M.

I started going to Pets I love almost 2 years ago when my vet of 27 years closed his practice! I am so glad I did! The vets there are wonderful, my fur folk receive the greatest care and they are all so happy to see my pups and cat! Jake, my older guy gets great attention and extra special care.

Amber a couple of weeks ago decided she needed to provide a little drama and got sick! They took her in on a very busy Saturday, took great care of her and told me to call if anything was the matter. She was fine, but it was so nice to know that the Docs were there if needed. Can’t say enough wonderful things. If the rating scale were from 1 – 1,000,000, I’d give them 1,000,001!

Aluca L.

My girlfriend and I have been bringing our Pit Bull puppy named Bruce to the Pets I Love for about 2 months now and we are both incredibly impressed both by the personalized service we receive and how professional they are. We’re greeted the second we walk in the door by smiling faces, who are just as happy, if not happier to see our pet than us. There’s no question regarding their love for animals. The excitement in their faces when they see our pet, and their other customer’s pets is very sincere. We will continue to take our puppy here as well as any other pets we may acquire down the road. Awesome people, excellent service, reasonable & fair prices. The vet there is incredibly knowledgeable as well. Any questions we have, she has a great and helpful answer. Excellent vet!
Ryan W.

My poor baby Hershey had some seizures and took her there for the first time in an emergency. I am so happy that I did! Dr. Smatt was so loving and understanding my worry. He took the time to notify me several times during the day with updates and to make sure I knew exactly what was going on. We came up with a plan for Hershey together, even though it was a very devastating one, but it put us at ease knowing she was in such loving hands. Our baby went to heaven but I am still so grateful that I took her to Dr Smatt.
Lori D.

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