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Pet In-House Laboratory

Our in-house pet laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology to assist treat and diagnose your pet.

Pet In-House Laboratory

Our hospital is equipped with a cutting-edge IDEXX Laboratory, providing us with the ability to conduct a wide range of diagnostic tests on-site. This allows us to diagnose illnesses and treat them in real time without delay. Our comprehensive testing includes the following:

  • Chemistry Panels such as liver enzyme screening, pancreatic evaluation, and renal profiles
  • Wellness screenings, including complete blood counts, general chemistries, and urinalysis
  • Viral screenings, such as the Canine Heartworm/ Lyme/ Anaplasma/ Ehrlichia test and Feline Heartworm/ Feline Leukemia/ Feline Aids test

While we offer a broad range of on-site testing, there may be instances where your pet requires laboratory work beyond our in-house capabilities. In such cases, we send blood panels and another testing to external laboratories and specialized universities.

For further information on our in-house lab services or to schedule an appointment for your pet’s testing, please call us at 845-395-9200.