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Dog Allergies

Pet allergies are difficult to treat and won’t go away on their own.

Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies

Dogs of all breeds and backgrounds frequently suffer from allergies. Typically, allergies in dogs manifest after six months of age, with the majority of affected dogs being over one or two years old.

Thankfully humans have remedies that let us enjoy the outdoors without itchy eyes and inflamed sinuses. But what about your pet? If you notice your pet is scratching themselves, or sneezing more than normal, licking their paws, they too could be suffering from seasonal allergies.

Dogs and cats show similar allergy symptoms as humans, yet they experience them most through their skin. The most common occurrence is found in dogs associated with allergies is itchy skin, either localized (in one area) or generalized (all over the body).

Common allergens include tree pollens (such as cedar, ash, and oak), grass pollens, weed pollens (such as ragweed), molds, mildew, and house dust mites. Mold, mildew, and house dust mites are present throughout the year.

Typically, allergies in dogs manifest in the following ways:

  • Skin irritations such as itching, compulsive paw licking, redness, and rashes
  • Ear infections or excessive ear scratching
  • Respiratory symptoms such as coughing and sneezing
  • Runny nose and eyes
  • Lethargy and decreased activity levels

If you think your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, give The Pets I Love team a call to schedule your appointment (845) 395-9200