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Cat Laboratory Testing

We can now diagnose issues and start treating your pet much more quickly thanks to the state-of-the-art internal laboratory.

Cat Laboratory Testing

Cat Laboratory Testing

How does running of yearly laboratory tests benefit the health of my cat?

Cats are masters at concealing signs of sickness or discomfort, so yearly wellness bloodwork can establish healthy baseline values before your cat starts showing any signs of illness. This gives your veterinarian a baseline of the normal values and functions. In the future, if your beloved feline is not feeling well, we can compare them to previous blood work to see where there are any changes. Wellness screening is designed to detect early or hidden disease in cats that appear to be healthy.

Early detection is key to treating all health conditions before they become worse. Similar to humans, as your pet ages, more health problems tend to develop.

Our hospital is equipped with a cutting-edge IDEXX Laboratory, providing us with the ability to conduct a wide range of diagnostic tests on-site. This allows us to diagnose illnesses and treat them in real time without delay. Our comprehensive testing includes the following:

Chemistry Panels such as liver enzyme screening, pancreatic evaluation, and renal profiles

Wellness screenings, including complete blood counts, general chemistries, and urinalysis

Viral screenings, such as the Feline Heartworm/ Feline Leukemia/ Feline Aids test

While we offer a broad range of on-site testing, there may be instances where your pet requires laboratory work beyond our in-house capabilities. In such cases, we send blood panels and another testing to external laboratories and specialized universities.

For further information on our in-house lab services or to schedule an appointment for your dog’s testing, please call us at 845-395-9200.